My grade seven year.

I liked this grade seven year because we were aloud to get the experience to use technology in class. That was a great idea because we could type faster and could right more i found. I really liked that we were alound to use technology. The class trip that i really liked was when we went to jacksons park and we went swimming in the creek. That was really fun because we were aloud to actually go in the water. The year all together was just fun because we had one of the best teachers in the school. We had lots of amazing others things that we did just like when we made oobleck. I also learnt how to spell a lot. I dont want this year to end, im not looking forward to grade eight.I really also liked how we had year without homework, i liked that because i play sports after school and last year i had to stay up really late to finish my homework.That is what happend in grade 7.I really liked this year.

How to stay safe.

When you are on the internet safty is very importnant. These days the internet has a tone of advertising and a lot of ads. Those ads are usally not appropriate and are not made for 13 year olds. If you click on those ads they ask you for tones of personal information and everything about you. I am going to write a blog on how to stay safe on the internet and ways to prevent giving out personal information.

When you are on the internet things may pop up either saying something like “you win a free ipad ” or “click here for your perfect match today”. If you click those things they asks questions that you should never put on them. I know people who have fell for the free ipad trick. Those people had to go through a series of questions like, area code, phone number, name,gender,what sex you are interested in and many more. Websites and advertising like that sell your infomation. Does it really matter what sex you are interested in for a free ipad? No, it doesnt and do you know why they ask you that? Because when they get your info and sell it thats when the “your perfect match here, today, right now” type of ads come up acording to what sex you like. Also, if you say where you live those ads might even say” right in your own city of peterborough”. So be careful and not fall for those free ipad ads because they will just end up selling your info. So never fall for those types of ads and never put any personal info unless you are signing up for something you know for sure will keep your info safe.

Signing up for websites such as facebook, twitter or even e-mail can still also be dangerous. When you sign up for facebook or twitter they ask you things such as where do you live or whats your religion, what you like, and ask your phone number. DO they really need to know that information? No they dont, those are just things that go on your profile so you have to be careful when signing up because your info goes onto your profile. If there is a wuestion you do not want to put the answer, dont. If there are also questions that are optional dont answer them because thats just one more thing that is putting you out into the open on the internet. Also if you put your address or phone number people could get a hold of it and could stalk you and take you. You need to be really carful on the internet because if someone really wanted to they could figure things out that you have put on facebook and you wouldnt even know that they had that info. So if you dont want peoplle to stalk you do not put any phone numbers or addresses because companies can also sell your info to people that you would never think of would get it.

You also want to be really careful on what you post onto facebook pages or what you tweet on twitter because once it is there it never can be gone. So if you post a picture think of something like, what would my mom or grandma think if they were to see this picture or post or tweet. If you tweet something it can be retweeted or favourited or anything without your permission. If someone retweets your tweet the whole word could see it eventually. You need to be really careful on what you put because you will never know who will see it. Your mom or even ,boss,princapal, or even grandma could see it. There are people that have been fired befor because there boss has seen what they have put on facebook and they didnt want that type of employee.

So always think of what you are posting or saying because you will never know who will see it and also never post info you dont want out there because you will never know who will see it or have it.


Hello there, my name is blake and I live in a nice city called peterborough,ontario. Peterborough is about three hours away from Ottawa. I am a very atheletic person and love to play sports. Some sports that I love to play are feild lacrosse,ice hockey and baseball. In feild lacrosse I am attack,in hockey I am goalie and in baseball I am catcher,short stop and a bit of pitching. What sports do you like to play? I also have three dogs.All of my dogs are toy poodles and two are the son and daughter of the other. The mom is 9 pounds and gold in colour and her name is lexi. My other one is 5 pounds and brown in colour and his name is max. My other is 2 pounds and light light brown in colour and her name is ruby. that to the left is the city of Peterborough symbol.

Peterborough is a very nice place in a nice location. Like I said it is three hours away from the capitol of canada, Ottawa. One of peterboroughs main attractions is the liftlocks. The lift locks is the biggest hidrolic system lock in the world. The locks are really cool and really big so if you get the chance to come to peterborough ask to go to the liftlocks.You can see some pictures at the bottom. Some activities I like to do besides the ones i listed above are things like fishing, hanging out with my friends and traveling. Also going to the mall.

I also go to james strath public school. Its a really good school and i have a great teacher named Mrs.mcdonald.My school starts at 8:15 and ends at 2:35. We have really good sports teams including things such as, softball, floor hockey,flag rugby,flag football,soccer,ultimate Frisbee and a couple of more. We also have many different subjects that we are taught such as, music(i play trumpet),french, writers workshop, readers  workshop, math, science, history,art,gym, health, and a couple of more. and that to the left is the lift locks.and that is


this is me playing hockey above in                                                                                                                                                                             my school logo.

the peewee international tournament.



landfills are good and bad for different reasons. There is a lot of information on bad things and a little about good things, so that makes me believe that landfills are bad.

When you through something into the garbage think about what you are doing. When you through something into the garbage it has to go through a huge process to just end up polluting the earth. Just think about what happens when you through recycling or green waste into the garbage that could be in the recycling plant or in a composter. Think about what happens when you through things out also think about landfills,garbage and recycling also green waste while reading this article.

   I think that landfills are absolutely a bad idea because they take up a lot of space and take years and years to totally break down. They pollute the air with toxins and pollute the ground with leachate and other toxins. They have only a certain amount of garbage they can hold and then that land can’t  be used because it is now contaminated. Landfills are full of recyclables and greens that could be in a compost bin  in everyone’s backyard instead taking up room in a landfill.
First reason,  the first reason why landfills are bad because they contaminate the air and the juices from the garbage get into the ground. They are both bad because it effects the earth and environment.  The garbage in the landfills create a dangerous gas that goes into the air polluting it and potentially could cause cancer. Thats not the only way that the air could be harmed by landfills. At some landfills they burn some of there garbage. By burning garbage it also creates a poisonous gas that is very very harmful. But,not just pollution to the air is created by the use of landfills.  There is also pollution to the ground.The juices from garbage that are contaminated get into the ground but the main ones are a mix of rain,snow and garbage makes a really poisonous liquid called leachate that pollutes ground and its waters. Leachate is can also already be in landfills and could be created when rainwater is mixed with the chemical waste. Leachate could be virtually absolutely harmless or very dangerously toxic.  It can be one of those depending on what is in the landfill and if it gets into a well or spring. If it gets into a well or a spring it could kill because if you drank that water or used it to cook and you got it into your body it would eat your organs because of the toxins. There is also a good chance of that happening because groundwater is the source of water for more than 40% of americans and up to 90% of the population in rural areas of the country. That is why the contamination is bad for the ground and might be asking why is it bad for the air. The answer to your question is that when the gases enter the air get locked into  the earth and create greenhouse gases and are heating up the earth creating global warming.

   Secondly, One of the only positives of landfills is that it holds a lot of garbage.When landfills get to full we will have to put our garbage somewhere else, but where? When there is no more room for garbage and landfills are absolutely full we will have to start to burn our garbage and begin to even start to have one big area where both recycling and garbage goes and we will have to sort it. I think that we will have to sort it is because we will have to reuse as much as we can because all the stuff we don’t reuse will have to be burnt and burning garbage pollutes the air. It will also save us from cutting so many forests down to make paper.We can use paper but the paper shreddings/scraps that we have after we cut or use the paper need to be reused to make new paper because we won’t have to cut as many trees down and trees produce oxygen.I found a little quote talking about paper saying”they kill good trees to put out bad news papers”James G Watt. March,8th, 1982.       .Also most people probably put there scraps,that could be going into a green bin, into the garbage. If every house had a green bin in there back yard there would most likely to be less garbage to burn because most people put there greens into the garbage.(when I say greens I mean things like veggies. Carrots/lettuce).So after landfills are full we will have to reduce,reuse and recycle a lot, have decomposes and burn our garbage. I also think that burning garbage is a good idea because it is more Eco friendly then a landfill. Yea sure it pollutes the air, the landfill did that and also polluted the ground so it would be one less issue. It only pollutes the air rather than the air and the ground.

After, landfills should not have been invented because they are just a waste and they hold a lot of pollution and have a lot of problems. Landfills were always a bad idea because they haven’t changed ever since they were made. they are just big clusters of pollution and everything but good to the earth. That is why I think that landfills are a bad idea and should never had been created. 

Bad/scary facts on landfills

-Only two human-made structures on Earth are large enough to be seen from outer space: the Great Wall of China and the Fresh Kills landfill, located on the western shore of Staten Island.

-Every year we fill enough garbage trucks to form a line that would stretch from the earth, halfway to the moon

-Every hour, Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles, Simply stop purchasing bottled water and landfills won’t fill up as quickly

-An average child will use about 10 diapers before being potty trained. Diapers items consume nearly 100,000 tons of plastic, and will still be in the landfill 300 years from now. Americans throw away 570 diapers per second. That’s 49 million diapers per day.

Walkerton storey-waterton

Walkerton is a small town east of barrie and north of london. In may of 2000(when I was only 2) they had a major issue with their water supply. The water that came through there taps for an everyday use was contaminated with a bacteria called E.coli (escherichia coli). The bacteria is very harmful because it can make you extremly sick. In Walkerton it made severeal old people sick, put many into the walkerton hostpitals, made more then 1000 people have nausea,severe cramps and have bloody diarrhea and also killed seven people.The reason the e coli makes you so sick is that it creates a toxin that results in hemolytic-uremic syndrome, a potentially fatal kidney disease.

You may be asking how did people use water without getting sick after they caught onto the issue, well there were only a couple resolutions. The first one was they had to boil their water, boiling your water takes and bacteria out of it and makes it germ free. The other way that they got water was by the local businesses, the businesses handed out free cases of bottled water. The businesses also handed out free supplies. The people of walkerton also used bleach to clean there dishes instead of useing wwater they could use for cooking and drinks.

Walkerton is now recoverd and all good and healthy that it was happend in may of 2000 in walkerton.

opinion peice on ipads and technology.

I think that ipads should be aloud to be used in class in every grade, and technology should be used more ofteen for school purposes in every grade.

I think ipads should be used more often for school, in school because they are very helpful and they can be used for many different purposes instead of having a school computer lab. We should have school ipads and everyone should have them from grades 4-8 because they can be used for many different reasons.

First,they can be used for typeing. Some kids do not have very good writing skills so if they have an ipad they could type there writing on there and its suddenly a lot neater and it is faster to type then hand write.Also if that kid was using a teacher to help him/her and script for him/her would not need a teacher anymore and there would be less work and the school wouldnt have to pay for that person to script for one kid.

Next, some kids have laptops, but they are not the best ones out there. They are not the best because the internet isnt so fast on them and they freeze a lot. If you have an ipad they do not freeze and they always have good internet. The ipads would be a great idea because you could get the work done a lot faster then if you had a laptop because like I already said, the ipads have a lot faster internet and never freeze. I have had my ipad for about two months and it has never frooze and it helps me do lots at school.I take nots on it,I type my work sometimes and I can write on it. You may have one question and that is, how does the teacher get the work? The teacher gets the work by two ways, ones called e-mail and the other is called dropbox. You probably know what an emiel is and it is a social network were you can type something, add a picture if you want, and press send all you need to know s the persons e-mail address. There is also a thing called dropbox. You can drop andything to the person you want to have what you got. So an example is you can drop books and you can drop pictures also writing. How to write on you ipad? there is the notes app and you can type in there and drop it to your teacher or copy it to an email and email it to her. But there is a word app but it costs somewhere around $13.00.

Third, Other thinggs you can do on your ipad is things like use a calculator when it is appropiette to and surf the web and get things sent to you that are important coming up like news letters by email. Also you can do work on the web like I did this blog post on my ipad on the internet and i had no problem.

That is what i think about technology.

my birthday-2012.

My birthday of 2012 was actually pretty good.
Well frst of all, I had to wake up and go to lacrosse in missisauga. I had to go there to play two lacrosse games, they were my first season games. My team isnt that good, we lost one to the Toronto beaches somewhere around 14-2 and our seccond game was against newmarket, we tied that game 6-6. We had quit a bad day of lacrosse but I did score two goals, one in each game.I was pretty happy that I scored two goals but I that happy that I never one a lacrossee game.

Right befor I left I got my birthday presants, I got some new under armour cleats. They are really cool and really coourfull and sleek. They are yellow,royal blue and black.When I say sleek,I mean really shinny and fast looking, they look like that because on the black they have a yellow and blue shinny little strip that you can see in only a certain angle. The lines sort of look like rainbows. I also got, lots of new clothes for my birthday that are pretty awsome.Also on wednesday I am getting new hockey equiptment. New goalie pads and blocker and trapper they are really cool and match my team colours, maroon and white.
I am also getting a new baseball glove.

For my birthday my family and I never really did a lot because I had lacrosse but saturday after my hockey tryout I am going to have some friends over and have a little party and go to the movies.

-blake curran

Hunger Games reveiw.

I liked the hunger games a little bit. I liked it only a bit because it wasnt how I thought it would have been. I thought it was going to be a shadow and complete retell of the book, it was missing a lot of details. I was looking forward to how they were going to show the deaths and show more about the games. They could have been easily better by making them longer and more detailed. A couple of things that they missed were things like when cato was suddenly on the cornicopia when he was sopossed to run between peeta and katness away from the muttds, plus cato was missing his body armor he had. These details where not totally important but I would have liked to seen them.That was in the book not the movie. Another was when katness was walking and the game makers relized she was getting close to the boundary, they just made a forest fire and forced her back. That was not in the book and it was in the movie.

I would rate the movie 3/5 but if I didnt read the book I think I probably would have gave the movie 5/5. I personally think that the book ruined the movie. I pictured some of the things in the book way different then the movie was. One of the things, the cornicopia in the movie was boxed and silver and small. In the book it described it as big and gold and rounded. It would have been nice if it was the same. That is why I think the book ruined th movie for me, just because of the details.

If I was going to rate the hunger games I think I would have made it a higher rating and put more gor and details in the death. By making this movie pg I thought it would bring more kids in to the box office but not more mature teens. The teens wouldnt really like to see a pg movie they would like to watch more of a 14a movie. If little kids wanted to see it
they could go with there parents. The books were more aimed at teens I think so they should have made it a movie for teens and put a higher rating I think the rating should have been 14A.I think you should still see the movie but dont be dissapointed in not as much detail in the deaths.

That is what I thought of The Hunger Games movie.

The hunger games.

I think that the book is really good and very intense. I thought that it was really hard to get into but once you were at the training it was hard not to read. I also thought the games were the best part, I really liked how it was sort of an adventure/battle book and I liked how it was a battle to the death. I did not like how there were two winners from the same disterict because i think it was pretty predictable after effie trinket anounced that there could be two winners. But I really liked that type of book and hope to read more.

I think I will for sure read the next two books because i really liked the hunger games and because i have been recomended by many to read it. The only thing that I have been told about them is that it takes a lot of pages to get into and i hope i wont not like it because of that.Another reason that I look forward to reading them is because i read the back of catching fire and it sounded very weird and cool how the capitol are creating a rebellion, sounds very misterious. Also i have the two books already what will encourage me to read them.

That is what i liked about the book and why i might read the next two books.

My visit to Qubec City.

My visit to qubec has been really fun. When we got to qubec we just looked around at the city, it was pretty cool. We have also done some really cool activities , we went snow tubing on the biggest resort in north America, walked around downtown and just have been hanging around. It’s been quit an experience. We had about a couple thousand people at our first game at the coliseum. We won our first game against Detroit compuware in overtime 3-2,we thought that was amazing because they are 3rd in America. We moved on and played Detroit belle tire, the refs were actually horrible and we lost 4-3 but that was exhibition. Today we played Russia in an exhibition game and won 3-1 it was pretty cool playing against them.tomorrow we play another exibition against new York rangers. we play our other game against north shore thursday as a part of the tournament. Another activity that we hope to do is go to the ice hotel we heard its really cool,but we have seen some other ice sculptures at the carnival. I have seen a lot and to much to right About and to many pictures for the blog so when I get back I will tell you guys more and show some pictures of qubec. You also won’t be seeing me until tuesday.